Sunday, November 8, 2015


sun, shine on this lunar rock
warm it with your light
concentrate your rays until it beams a heavenly white

moon, reflect your glow on the earth
blanket the dark of night
with shadows of brilliance

love, meet my eyes in an infinite gaze
become the moon and sun on earth
take me with you when you blink

have you seen the moon tonight?
could you see the way in which it illuminated
her face?
as that rock drifts by

the chalky gray outline of our bodiess

the color of your You when you fall asleep
cool and smiling

i peered into your dream
replacing the fires with a calm yellow
your face broke
and you came to me

our dreams combined
and my arm surrounded you
in a soft purple glow

sat and listened for a while. absorbed the grand tragedy that was her early life. took it in. head expanding, head pounding, but nothing to what she had lived.

grasp for words of comfort, solace. memories selfishly flit by. distractions.

eyes locked. swirling irises channel.


my life is changing
maybe this is growing up
from now on
i am unapologetically me

"might as well be me
might as well be me"

take full control
and responsibility
for your life and your situation

you are a beautiful soul, shining bright
your spirit is alive
you are thriving
you have come alive
the world needs you to come alive
and your rebirth, your awakening as an emotional and spiritual being
it is happening.

savor it.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

i exist in multitudes
i dream in patterns
the rhythm from within is a harmony

the sound of every drum
frames this universe

open your vibration
light carves into the void

sound creates heaven
the architects of new worlds

tonight is our night
build and delight

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

the stranger

run with purpose
through the dark woods
sickly hot sticky sweat
salty mouth, salty skin, burning eyes
you're covered in your own nauseating musk
and you love it

an owl's cry echoes off the forest floor and back into the sky
stop, search, locate
eyes narrowing to slits
the owl flies overhead, illuminated in dusk's grey haze

continue on, into the night, deeper
the stone and dirt beckon you onward
the canopy a gate to be entered
the creek a playground for your wild spirit

at last,
the arrival to your holy place
many rocks collected and laid bare on your stone
this sanctuary has been visited
worship has occurred

meditate on your strength for a moment
you are a survivor
you have come so far
brave, strong, enduring

pick up the pieces,
a foundation, larger stones after larger stones
build a cairn to the stranger
who follows next

Thursday, May 29, 2014

some of the saddest words ever uttered

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


the words arranged on this paper cause me to imagine

i am in a headspace divorced from this time and this moment
i have traveled to your moment, imaginary and real
i recreate every letter that was born into existence by the flick of your pen

your hand did dance over this tree reformed
it's a wonder-full and complicated story
how do i come to know this piece of your mind
what made me so special
am i special at all

strange, these inanimate things, these objects
they carry so much meaning when touched by shapes we have agreed to understand
this communication that captures your emotions
your emotions for me
a whisper to my eye
a secret born in sense

an object charged with the electrical impulse of your brain
fuck, god, FUCK
my mind is continuously blown
it was your brain that created this symbol of feeling
and i feel it ...

i feel it

it pulses strong
it pulses stronger now

the words
imaginary and real


Friday, December 13, 2013

a blank
young man
none assumes

and there
a story
in lines
beneath the eye