Wednesday, July 2, 2014

the stranger

run with purpose
through the dark woods
sickly hot sticky sweat
salty mouth, salty skin, burning eyes
you're covered in your own nauseating musk
and you love it

an owl's cry echoes off the forest floor and back into the sky
stop, search, locate
eyes narrowing to slits
the owl flies overhead, illuminated in dusk's grey haze

continue on, into the night, deeper
the stone and dirt beckon you onward
the canopy a gate to be entered
the creek a playground for your wild spirit

at last,
the arrival to your holy place
many rocks collected and laid bare on your stone
this sanctuary has been visited
worship has occurred

meditate on your strength for a moment
you are a survivor
you have come so far
brave, strong, enduring

pick up the pieces,
a foundation, larger stones after larger stones
build a cairn to the stranger
who follows next