Friday, November 26, 2010

experiment in sound

last year around december 23rd ish the steely children got together with their favorite people, the evans children.  it resulted in many fun things unrecorded and undocumented.  after a few bottles of shared wine and some other libations this appeared on someone's iphone... 
bleep bleeps n blahs

Monday, November 22, 2010

swaying with the crowd, alone i dreamt

for all that it isn't 
it's everything i need

for every moment that passes too quickly,

there's still eternity.

sitting on the steps

eyes closed

over thoughts that come back

around to the same worn path.
the gate is open.
it's a straight path 
through beautiful country -
vibrant tall grass padded down
by gentle plodding of adventurous children
they run by consumed with wonder, 
imaginations running wild.
clean blue sky, occasional billowing clouds,
the entire scene lain over with a golden aura.
no houses in sight save one
laughter, happiness
pervade every detail

standing up and swaying gently

why does everyone seem to stare so coldly?
the gate, closed.
drifting images,
blackness closes in,
the smell of lavender,
your face,


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

dr. robert sapolsky

depression is essentially
"aggression turned inwards"


depression is essentially
"neurotransmitters out of wack"


depression is essentially
"everyone and everything is almost as fucked as me"

Thursday, November 11, 2010

surfing y'all

neoprene thickness is wrapped delicately around my supple flesh.
counter-intuitively i paddle into chilly waters with chillier air temperatures
upon a floating fiberglass stick which is the cataylst of pure pleasure.
dwarfed by hazy pinks and vibrant oranges juxtaposed with sky blues and royal indigos,
the sun sets as my steed leads me down the breaking face of an oceanic slab of paradise...

i entered to win glasser/twin shadow tickets.

i briefly flirted with being ironically funny, but decided to just be poetically honest.  we'll see how it works for me.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

'life is long for those that live it' -me

morning routine, during my morning routine

sleeping in colder months can be lonely
when there's no warmth
to spread your arms around
but if you practice anything hard enough
you can become skilled
and i am currently crushing it

a few more alarms later
i'm eating my oats 
and drinking the best damn coffee
it assaults the viscous goo in my brain
and fluidizes it, maybe in 30 minutes i'll be able to think
my coffee, fresh ground and french pressed to perfection
fucking pretentious
and delicious
there's no point to this right now

check ya later

Monday, November 8, 2010

father's age

25 years old
in another year my father would be
married to my mom who was even younger
and she had a child while i was becoming independent
my dad could barely grow a beard and i
can barely grow a beard
how did they do it
why is love so crazy
i don't know anything
even with all these experiences
it takes a moment to forget it all and become confused
my parents
my life
i keep minimizing my screen because
i am at work and i am scared that
people read what i write but they have no

dad, me

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

lean in closer 
our freckled eyes locked in time
my skin it tingles


my mind is aflight
body screaming for your kiss
my mouth fails to speak

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

rally to restore sanity was so sweet

watch it all here!

i was about a mile away from main stage at the beginning, and by the end just about 200 yards away