Tuesday, December 21, 2010

a scent stronger than that musk
they wear on a saturday night god it is
so intoxicating it is wafting in through the vents and the
windows that i shut so tight but it is 
still coming through and oh my 
god i think it is permeating my skin it is coming inside my
precious skin my skin is being assaulted it might be that it is
inside me or is it outside i am shutting the door i am running away i left
the house is it gone it is gone 
oh thank 
god no it is still here it is in my nose i am on the asphalt i am rolling in the ice and stones the stones
and ice and bloodiness they are cleansing me they are cleaning me and scrubbing it away it is disappearing
oh good my skin is gone it is saturday night what are you saying what what 
oh ya
i like that cologne too

Monday, December 20, 2010


Saturday, December 18, 2010

best of 2010 in music

did a top 20 lp's and top 10 ep's of 2010 according to my listening tastes. 

my mom writes poetry

My Mother's Hands
(By my Mom, Patricia Steely)
Fingers long and thin,
Just a simple
Gold wedding band.
Nails tough, yet tenderly maintained:
These were my mother’s hands.

These were the hands
That rocked me with her strength,
Dressed me within her protective care,
Fed me from her sustenance,
 And kneaded my imagination.

Her hands soothed and scolded,
Guided and provided,
Only to be pushed away
By my hands
And the assertion:
“I can do it by myself.”

When my hands held
My firstborn child,
I could better understand,
How the hands that hold,
Can find it hard to let go.

In time, her wrinkled hands
 Pushed mine away.
I’d reach for her arm and elbow,
As she walked unsteadily,
Only to meet her resistance:
“I can do it by myself.”

Eventually, we both grasped
The firm comfort of our hands
In rhythm together:
My right hand in her left,
As my left hand supported her left elbow:
And in stride we would walk.

Until swollen and plump,
With mounds of skin swallowing
Her wedding band,
Wired and taped,
Steroided and sedated,
With tender blue, purple bruises-
Her hands lay quiet to the beat of the Ventilator.

So, her hands I held,
And I let her go.
And as she breathed
Her very last breath,
Her spirit took flight
At her physical death.

Yes, I fully understand
How the hands that hold
Can find it so terribly hard
 to let go.

-Patricia T. Steely
Written:  May 12, 2005
Revised:  May30, 2005
Read at Mom’s funeral

Originally posted at spirit songs 


How does an infinitely dense universe become a vast and spacious one? And how is it filled with matter?

of the moment thought processes, musings, a small brain fart into existence:
the universe, a living thing, as a human grows from a fertilized egg.
hierarchies are real illusions (paradox?). we are all of the universe.
time/perception is relative to size.
'our' time is subjective to 'our' existence
planetary time is subjective to a planet's existence
universal time, to the universe
a cell, to the cell's existence
an ant, an elephant, etc.

the universe is an active living thing, expanding as it grows