Sunday, November 8, 2015


sun, shine on this lunar rock
warm it with your light
concentrate your rays until it beams a heavenly white

moon, reflect your glow on the earth
blanket the dark of night
with shadows of brilliance

love, meet my eyes in an infinite gaze
become the moon and sun on earth
take me with you when you blink

have you seen the moon tonight?
could you see the way in which it illuminated
her face?
as that rock drifts by

the chalky gray outline of our bodiess

the color of your You when you fall asleep
cool and smiling

i peered into your dream
replacing the fires with a calm yellow
your face broke
and you came to me

our dreams combined
and my arm surrounded you
in a soft purple glow

sat and listened for a while. absorbed the grand tragedy that was her early life. took it in. head expanding, head pounding, but nothing to what she had lived.

grasp for words of comfort, solace. memories selfishly flit by. distractions.

eyes locked. swirling irises channel.


my life is changing
maybe this is growing up
from now on
i am unapologetically me

"might as well be me
might as well be me"

take full control
and responsibility
for your life and your situation

you are a beautiful soul, shining bright
your spirit is alive
you are thriving
you have come alive
the world needs you to come alive
and your rebirth, your awakening as an emotional and spiritual being
it is happening.

savor it.