Thursday, July 12, 2012

flight for these

this rote
in my dreams at night where they have no place 
in my eyes in closing where they have no home
the escape must be complete if the invasion has been made
pass the ice
we're riding down this hill it stretches all the way to the city
the wind in our ears, nose and mouth
your skin peels away you are left as you were born
a natural face is revealed

you are beautiful

let's ride into the night these flashing neon lights
my rims as they spin and your pupils as they echo the truth
in our hearts

there is nothing planned
no fear 
nothing uneasy
our childlike existence dwarfed by the exhilaration of living
this night is ours
excited dance of molecules through irritated energy
every time, drag you down beaten thoroughly
fucked every which way, somewhere a child simply held a clover
a treasure plucked from the earth no concept of it as ordinary