Sunday, February 20, 2011

i don't care
i care too much

humanity is still beautiful


a lust to create
innermost thoughts of the mind
fleeting; until writ
digits trace, precise
feather tips o'er rosy flesh
burning passion streams

pneumatic, aroused
rubescent porcelain skin
mind screams in desire

pure lovers combine
blind in the throes of passion
sweat drenched and consumed

climax, skin cooling
arms drape and surround, his love
her angelic flesh
a pleasant saudade
wispy clouds rise, it's nothing
pry off the brain's lid 
it's the not knowing that is the toughest
the silence
the cold silence

Friday, February 18, 2011

what did you say

fuck me with your pants on
fuck me with your dick all caught up
in the zipper
fuck me with your back arching to the sky
fuck me with your hand slapping my tight ass
fuck me with your blood bursting through your veins
fuck me with lustful rage
fuck me til the fields of promise are broken and used up
fuck me til the awakening sunrise is a sleep deprived distraction
fuck me til the harmonious stars are just lights in the sky
fuck me til the endless eternal ocean tastes only of salt and no more
fuck me til all your poetry turns to lecherous blabber

Thursday, February 17, 2011

theory of relativity

i feel this longing
i feel this pull

as if your existence
in a city, in a town
in any place, at any moment
holds the weight of a sun-sized sphere.

nah, not sun-sized -
a blue giant, of the most immense mass -
like Rigel shining eternally through Orion.

towards this spot i am enticed,
for it is this spot in which you rest.

in proximity to it my heart beats faster,
time ceases to exist as i have come to know it,
the laws of the universe shift,
an infinite calmness pervades,
and i am drawn into your very core. 


worried that i won't amount to anything,
that i will never pay off this debt,
that all of my dreams will escape me,
one by one,
popping like bubbles that stray too high
from a child's soap dipper,
blowing into the wind.

already i see it happen,
and it's only realized in hindsight,
"come to spain with me"
"i can't" - but why?
free yourself, and you're free, aaron.
but the problem remains,
it's not just love, or that,
it's a general trend.

and now, a career i don't enjoy
(with financial security) -
secretly i die,
but what of a life of freedom,
is it the thought of always having
the impression of failure written on my brow?

Monday, February 7, 2011

of giving fully to another

she's probing
his sensitive face
his soft skin

he barely flinches

beautiful flesh
hides the pain beneath
hides this broken man

Thursday, February 3, 2011

rufus wainwright

26 and single 
comes this year

should we get married
or do those promises not count

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


at me

and hidden

i put my screen
as bright as it goes

i hope to catch your eye
brighter than a star or our sun

you look at me and keep walking