Friday, February 12, 2010

winter surfing

i saw men that looked like seals in the dead of winter and i decided to join them
we paddle around and ride energy
you would not believe the pleasure we feel
even when you feel like your feet are something similar to ice
what a cold thing
a cold thought
a cold image
we look like seals in the water
seals look like dogs peaking their heads out of the ocean
therefore we look like  dogs
nah we are not dogs
well, maybe we are but that requires abstract thought as to what 'dog' can represent
it is sort of a human idiom
so no we aren't dogs
though i think dogs would be offended if they knew how we used the term 'dog' though not 'dawg'
they might think that is neat
a self-actualized dog might think 'this is offensive' when he hears someone called a dog because of the way they carry on
poor dog
i will not call people 'dogs' anymore