Tuesday, March 16, 2010

now i'm late for work

there is a mouse in my house
challenging my sanity
it appears out of the corner of my eye
but never directly head on
just a flash of shadowy black
for something like a mili-second
enough to make you think you saw it
but not enough to make you know for sure.

come out you little fucker
let's be friends
no need to be so scared of each other
i'll feed you vegetarian things if you decide to be sociable
'and they lived happily ever after'
that could be us, friend.
let that be us, friend.

i wonder if he goes into his hole
and writes things about me
i wonder if he wants to kill me
or if he writes about how he wants to
be friends too
i hope he wrote
'and they live happily ever after'

there is a mouse in my house
his appearances are always brief
i've grown fond of the little fucker
though my only description of him is
'black as night'
so maybe it's a rat
damn it