Saturday, August 21, 2010


you look out your  cabin portal
to a sky filled with stars and
the white dusty trail of the milky way.
you exist in an exhausted stupor, 
lucid and transcendent,
your day of creation finished;
the pools of mirrored cerulean tears still 
evaporating into clouds 
as the warmth of the moonlight
reaches your heart.
we look to the same moon tonight.

in the morning you wake 
to the gentle breeze over your skin
scented of the morning grass, vibrant green in it's summer health.
the pleasant call of the morning dove 
gently harmonizes with the world outside.
the tears of yesterday have risen
slowly to heaven
their once deep blue richness now brilliant white and comforting.
of your eyes, tears, of your tears, clouds.
vitality is in the air
and in every breath that girl
that was robbed of her innocence