Tuesday, December 21, 2010

a scent stronger than that musk
they wear on a saturday night god it is
so intoxicating it is wafting in through the vents and the
windows that i shut so tight but it is 
still coming through and oh my 
god i think it is permeating my skin it is coming inside my
precious skin my skin is being assaulted it might be that it is
inside me or is it outside i am shutting the door i am running away i left
the house is it gone it is gone 
oh thank 
god no it is still here it is in my nose i am on the asphalt i am rolling in the ice and stones the stones
and ice and bloodiness they are cleansing me they are cleaning me and scrubbing it away it is disappearing
oh good my skin is gone it is saturday night what are you saying what what 
oh ya
i like that cologne too