Saturday, January 8, 2011

salty goodness falls from your eyes, i'm envious

i can't remember the last time i cried
which is weird because i identify with people and the human condition
generally, all around, i'm an empathatic dude
so then, why am i incapable of tears?
the moments come when you least expect it
you feel it coming
sneaking up
grabbing a hold of your face
contorting it
squeezing it at the eyes
on the verge of an orgasm
or like, about to sneeze
and just as that tensions builds up
it is released
and you sob and you cry and you feel so good afterwards
but i can't make it over the hump
i can't let it out
i want to let it out
scream and cry
in a hot destroyed mess
showering my face, my body, the earth
in a salty river
fuck i want to cry so bad
sometimes when cheesy commercials or things crafted to elicit an emotional response come on i think
"this is fucking stupid"
but then other times in the middle of a joyous moment in a movie
i'll feel the twinge, the pulling on my cheeks, the tenseness in my face
to see humanity in an unrealistic moment of goodness
acts of human goodness make me want to cry
but still, i can't cry

i want to cry