Tuesday, March 1, 2011

i've been observing a lot of interesting humans and things on the internet over the past few months. of them steve roggenbuck's downloadhelveticaforfree project has amused me immensely. it's also sort of rubbed off on me/inspired me in that i am really enjoying transposing text over images. i find it absolutely hilarious and also evocative and thought provoking with the right juxtaposition. the person who calls her self frank hinton has also been on my radar as of late, as well as much of the online indie lit scene peoples. between the writers i have been observing, the 10,000 memes i'm exposed to on a daily basis, the traditional poets i've been reading, and my enjoyment of creative expression i feel as if this could be fun:

i've been toying around with simple photos i've taken (or in some cases not taken) and overlaying text over them. these are, as my poetry is, self-reflective in nature. i enjoy writing about all sorts of things, and 95% of my writing resides on my hard drive and in my journals. odd how that works out. i find that self-reflection is my most inspired form of expression, so hopefully that explains the use of my own face for most of these pictures. i'm really not a dick or asshole or narcissist. some of these actually seem self-loathing when i read them. think of this as a comic strip, and instead of creating a character i am the character. i'm literally making fun of/with myself. anywho, we'll see how many i post. i've been having a lot of fun with these  and have a stack of 300 photos from a photo shoot in the fall.

i hope these are found to be an enjoyable and maybe humorous viewing sensation for people. it will be an interesting and amusing outlet for self-expression for me so maybe i don't really care that much how i am perceived because i'm having fun ^-^