Sunday, October 16, 2011


the warmth of the sun
on the salt of my skin
the sting of the sand
on the hairs of my naked body

run until it hurts with
sunburned blue eyes

never content but
perfectly satisfied
to lock gaze with ocean eyes
that mesh so well with your own
to follow a flash of life
into an awakening dream
to sit on the hands of the wind
only to realize she was already there and waiting
i can't tell if it was an hour or a year
when you laid down upon the sand
my mind is still there now
every nuanced movement seemed to slip into a river of time
and it flowed, was flowing, and will always flow
with no start or finish
you turn your head to look at me
i look down at you
i step closer
a perfect seal, our lips, with just the right amount of pressure
yours part and a laugh reveals volumes
but i remain stoic
our eyes go for a dance as they break free
it's happening again
i hope my smile is mysterious