Monday, November 14, 2011

sit with me and look around. see all that is before you. ignore the people who pass. they are stuck. ignore their glares, their stares put you down. they see things and think of a word and nothing more. see the thing as it appears and let it affect you. if there is no word, there is no preconception. there is only a new thing to be experienced.

there is always every-thing.

allow wonder to overtake you. your imagination will never disappear unless you abandon it. if you are too rooted in the science you will not see with your all. dream about it. we are only presented a thing through our senses, but that does not limit our wonder. explore it. allow it to move you, allow your self to feel.

there is.

live presently. time does not have to exist while you are here next to me. there is no past or future, they are only in your mind. if we let time slip away we will be rewarded with eternity.

there is always.