Wednesday, December 7, 2011

did you want to be

when you sit in the hushed lights of the gas stove dreaming of a thought you had last week you will lose yourself in another thought, a different thought that is not better just different. it will consume you and you will lose your focus as the shadows lick your face with their orange-blue forked tongues. visions of reality will blur and stand still as you look into the moment and soon see through it as it freezes in front of you. your mind will be freed for this eternity or moment or year or lifetime and the thought will become a realization and an insight will creep over you as you turn entirely inward, traveling through time while rooted in the illusion of space. and here you stand a physical being completely outside of that existence. your mind is somewhere else. you have left and neither past nor future have any need for your attention, nor you for theirs. it is this that you live for, it is in this you are aware of your awareness.