Saturday, February 25, 2012

man's search for meaning

just had lunch with a new friend and then had a random conversation with a stranger trying to recruit for children's international. i am now sponsoring a child, but that's not the point of this.

lunch got me thinking about how i can tie my work into benefitting humanity in some way. overall i've been feeling empty about my imprint on this world. environmentally i am extremely prudent, but i mean my imprint on the human condition. at the exact moment i was reflecting on and feeling rather pathetic about doing literally nothing with my money but drinking it away, paying bills, and benefitting myself i was, as fate would have it, approached by a young lady.

timing is everything. though i have no belief in God anymore, this concept of 'fate' is always being grappled with in my mind. opportunities are presented on a daily basis, and i try to remain open to them. time unfortunately does not always allow, but i find these days when i have nothing planned and i'm just wandering home or wandering on my way somewhere are when i have the most meaningful interactions. and it seems that whenever i am particularly plagues by a thought something happens that is extremely relevant to that thought process - something that provokes further thought or leads to an insight. this has been occurring for many years now, since i hung out with homeless men on the train tracks in college. i always learn something from these experiences, if i remain open to them. the other week i chatted with a homeless man, i met a scholar in a bar, and skated with people i met biking.

back to these thoughts: lately i'm bothered by my inadequacy to benefit humanity. by my selfishness.

since moving to a city i've been thinking heavily about how i am giving back and if i am living my life with meaning. in a day to day sense, i live passionately, but for me. my work is meaningless, i do nothing that leaves me feeling fulfilled. i live a life of selfishness, of self-pleasures.

the past few years have been an awakening in every way possible, and i'm glad to be on this continuous journey, but goodness is it a long journey.