Monday, February 1, 2010

a blog post for no one really

this is a poem or some thoughts
contained in a blog post
that is for no one really
and i will type it in here
in this box
like i am important
people will not comment nor see it ever
unless they accidentally get to this page
i am not sad
i am just honest
and there really is nothing wrong with that
i have posted cool things to check out but
then i realized that this is pretty pointless
when no one reads your blog
so now i write some things instead
like how a seal popped his head out
of the water
when i was surfing
and i thought
'oh god'
at first because i was scared
but then i realized he was a seal
and not a shark
or human terrorist ninja in scuba gear
which would be kinda sweet
but it wasn't so i was a little perturbed and kept my distance and caught a wave and it was so cold and i paddled back out and my hands were freezing and my body was tired and kind of heavy from wearing so much wetsuit stuff and for a second i felt really alone in the ocean and that's sort of scary even when you surf all the time and i looked up and the seal was gone
i didn't think of you while i surfed
i think
but i don't remember now