Thursday, February 18, 2010

a home dichotomy

my 'little' sister is a 'successful' graphic designer in NYC, she resides in williamsburg.  for the most part she is in love with it, but a kind of love that comes after a year of dating or so.  she is a year younger than me.  she has incredible talent in the ways of visual art/graphic design/crafting things that are neat.  she can sing like a pretty lil bird and is smart like a dolphin.  she stayed up really late and wrote these and i shared them:

2 poems by jenna

I used to reject it
There was so much in the world outside of it that I never thought I’d look back
Its simple and quiet but I wasn’t then
Corn fields are boring and soy fields too
The quiet        
Sweating why cant we have air conditioning 
There are bugs eating away the ivy
Cicadas so loud you cant hear inside your head
Driving cars around bendy bits for the rush
There is room to scream
You need more you say
To yell so you fill up the entire sky
Echoing your voice to the stars
And offend noone

If only I could have it all back

To  the city
You are dirty and foul
Your rivers are polluted with the waste of millions
Your streets and dumps and alleys are full of the sludge of human cosumerism
We become fat and docile and laugh
Our rosy cheeks