Monday, February 15, 2010

it is cold and winter here

a fantastic lady friend of mine and i played a game on gchat.  i told her to transport me away from my screen, my cold feet, the chilly winter night, and this moment in time by using 2 words.   it began like this:

her: free
me: hm good. i feel like im naked on the sidewalk with a box around me and a man just gave me his half-eaten hot dog, i look down to take a bite only to realize he left nothing but the bun.
that man was a jerk.

this game quickly evolved/she is a muse perhaps

it's summertime, not really hot or anything, just a beautiful balmy day. the porch is grey and the paint chips off the ground. brick pillars support the roof hanging over the porch, brilliant white in the summer light. the sun emanates triangular specks of heaven on the chipping paint through vines crawling at a languid pace up the trellis. you sit calmly sipping your drink with a drip of perspiration running down your cheek, rocking leisurely on the porch swing. a warm glow surrounds the porch, the blue sky just barely visible through the latticed shadows cast on the wall. you breathe deeply, cut grass and earthy sweet flowers reach your nose. not a thought of anything reaches you, you are of the summer forever.

two lovers are blithely strolling amongst the firefly mirth. the air is electric - charged with the glowing chaos of thousands of creatures content to experience their short existence in full. there is a duality to this electric quality, the feeling of anxious expectation with a new lover. they pause, the warm night air sending a slight shiver up their spines. he sighs. the cicadas buzz and a slight breeze rustles the lush and full trees, nature whispers gently. she turns to him, 'doodley dee, let's forget our lives for a while, let's pack the mud and leave it in the summer sun, becoming baked dirt in the afternoon. we'll burn leaves with a magnifying glass in the hot summer sun and run barefoot in the grass.' he can't help but kiss her there in the moonlight and tall grass, her soft lips moist and perfect.