Saturday, February 6, 2010

wow it is snowing

this is so neat
i am glad i came home
i am sitting next to my mother
and my sister
they are beautiful people
we are snowed in
my sister wears a red hat with flappy ears
and a big brim with a pink bathrobe
it is so ironic
she seethes anger at her hipster boy toy from williamsburg
he turned out to be less than wholesome
there were walrus's or i guess they are walri when plural
well, walri is underlined in red but i like it better than walrus's
it rolls off the lips
they were at the aquarium in new york
they were not happy to be trapped in the glass
i saw a youtube video of a walrus pleasuring itself orally
that was a non sequitor
i'm heartbroken and she wants to be in love
my mom is a great listener