Saturday, May 29, 2010

time becomes like grains of sand rising to heaven as gravity reverses

i have not been updating my blog with writing lately.  this is sad, for me.  i haven't been too inspired nor have i found any time to write.  the fall/winter/spring is extremely slow and lonely for me, which is amazing for personal growth/reflection and consequently, writing/making music/creating things.  i live in a resort town, ocean city, and come mid-may our beaches go from empty to absolutely crowded.  every night is friday night.  there are drunk men and women on every corner, though every bar leaves me depressed by the end of the night.  the women are attractive and looking for a one-night stand, when pressed with anything beyond standard pick-ups they become uncomfortable and move to the next man.  the men are shallow and looking to fuck, and make it known.  the women love it.  there is no such thing as 'alternative' here.  there is plenty to do if you want to get drunk, but very little if you choose to be sober.  i usually choose the former and fall prey to the hype of the endless vacation.  i work 6 days a week on the beach patrol, and usually surf right after work, leaving me 2-3 hours to myself before sleeping.  i also have 5 other roommates, so it is tough to ever be alone.  every summer is bittersweet - i love my job, surfing, and the lifestyle that comes with being a beach bum, but i also become despondent due to a complete lack of interesting people.  my roomies keep me grounded.  

this aint me complaining.
this is my life.
real talk.