Wednesday, May 26, 2010

tao lin's art, hung, or hanged, or hung, or hangeded

this took forever, but finally, here are some pics of the 'ghetto' mount method of hanging art.  the upper left is titled "happy hamster ‘unwittingly’ leaving its hamster friend in a state of 'severe depression'" and the lower left is called "satanic hamster", "satanihamster" or just "sataniham".  they are both by Tao Lin and i am honored to have them hanging in my room alongside art by my sister and friends.

two of my lady friends decided this was 'scary' and flipped it over while i was at work, with a nice note reading "just lookin out for your soul".  <3 them.  both photos taken with my iphone and they have turned out horribly.  ah well.