Thursday, May 20, 2010

toro y moi in DC//rock n roll hotel//caribou

saw toro y moi and caribou in dc last week, they 'killed it'.  i got to meet chaz bundwick, the mastermind behind toro y moi.  he is an extremely nice guy, modest, and mild-mannered (at least around a gushing 'bro' like me).  you can stream the concert and read a short write-up here, by NPR.  You can hear me screaming during the toro y moi set.  sorta like 'WOOO.  YAA.'   The sound is disappointing on the NPR stream, feel like it sounds out of key, but it sounded pretty spot on via reverb and synthesizers during the concert.  ah well.  it was chaz's 8th time with a live band - he's shedded the macbook/synthesizer for real people, and it sounds super funky live.  totally danceable.  i was grooving.  caribou was amazing as well - they put us [the crowd] into a dance trance with a lot of their layered rhythms and atmospheric sounds.  great show.  see this tour if you can - it was good enough to blog about.

"the bull and me" aka toro y moi
"the bull and me, and me" aka toro y moi, y moi