Thursday, March 17, 2011

corny, weird, fun

there was once a boy who looked up to the clouds
he had been told his whole life to stop being so loud!
he wrastled and wrestled and messled and hassled
and lassoed and passled and flassled and sassled.

he grew tired of the constant day to day grind
the "sit in your chair and don't open your mind"
every day it was the same, "sit in your chair"
"make sure to shower and comb up your hair"

one day he woke up and decided on change
he looked out the window and considered the range
he closed his eyes tight and dreamt up a loud dream
of sea-colored flying wings and and eyes of laser beams

now it was off to the window with his new found flight
for never had the world ever felt so light
out through the window and up into the sky
soaring with the chocolate clouds on high

the people around him felt an inspiration grow
from deep within them it became a strong flow
they too closed their eyes and sprouted their feathers
and flew into the spring air, scented of heather