Monday, March 21, 2011

guerilla poetry

today i went with my roommate to check out the "thunderbolt" and iphone 4 at verizon wireless.
while he shopped, i went around the store inputting short poems into the notes section [of the iphones] and saving copies to the phone as photos.  i also wrote some poems as open text messages [on other phones].
unfortunately, i only emailed one of the poems to myself from the store, seen above. the others are gifts to the brains of the consumers, created quickly by me and then just as quickly forgotten.

the poem on the phone next to the one pictured was about the inevitability of suffering and detachment from the material world. another adjacent poem was about wanting to be held and touched softly by a lover. 

upon a 2nd sweep around the store after ~15 minutes it was found that someone had deleted this poem.
i hope that these short lil poems awoke something within the unsuspecting shoppers, perhaps made them think, even if it were for a minute - especially if it angered or bothered them.