Thursday, March 10, 2011

if i could tell you everything i felt

if you were to die tomorrow
injected with poisons and tortured -
poisons that heightened your senses, your ability to feel
poisons that intensified your pain -
you would die a death of a million sensations.
slow and agonizing
a build up to so powerful, so strong
each pain built upon the next, intensifying by the minute
peaking at a point you thought could not exist
but then going even higher
you might be begging for death, begging for release
every muscle spasming, face contorted
cold sweats, fiery fevers, skin prickling
every speck of dust that lands on your skin like a needle pricking your side
from the back of the knees to behind your ears
from right underneath your nose to in between your toes
from the choking sensation in your lungs to the dull throb in your liver
to the burning sensation on your anus and the rashy itchiness of your skull
the final centimeters of your once beautiful outer shell will be consumed in sensitivity, in pain
your every wish would be for death's arrival to wash over you like an orgasm