Wednesday, February 8, 2012


these things
i hold dear
as the pressure to escape
strengthens stronger
well, i guess i'll stay now

i thought this song was by someone else
it's so familiar
imagine my surprise when i traced the sound
back to your mouth, to your throat
you, a porcelain doll sitting on the shelf
motionless, only parting your lips to sing

i'll slap myself silly
i'm already crazy
i just need to hear it out
i already know the ending
and it's my favorite part

quickly, run like a man
which means nothing to an animal
why not run like a woman
they're all the same
the meaning behind these sentiments
can only be found in song
your song

these things
i hold dear
are tucked up inside of me
next to my abdomen i keep them warm and safe
but they feed off of me
you see my purple sunken eyes
i'm being drained
it's the force i know
and choose to be part of

i'll keep my truest song a secret
i hope i don't fade away first