Wednesday, February 8, 2012


a stranger's vibrations emanate freely
from an iphone
they travel through space and reach a satellite shaped organ
tiny hairs of the inner ear tickle and electrical signals are fired to the brain
and translated.
thoughts, pictures, and words in the mind
then emotion
as intense familiarity clutches
a human.


sudden warmth creeps over this man,
the cheeks flush,
he is acutely aware of the heart -
not felt most of  it's daily existence -
but now, it pounds, it pounds, it pounds,
[[[[[the first sensation of parted soft warm lips on your own]]]]]
the phone is ringing.
tiny drops of moisture under his arms, between his legs
a slight tingling up the spine,
an excited rush of joy
of anxiety
of nervousness
of fear
of hope
of curiosity
of desire

he takes a deep breath
stares at the screen
he thought he was forgotten?
a million unanswered questions
another breath
a smile